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Mr. Boyce began his career as a geophysicist for The Superior Oil Company with early training at their Geoscience Laboratory in Houston, Texas. In l980, Mr. Boyce transferred to Midland, Texas to continue working for Superior Oil Company until 1983. During his ten-year career in the Permian Basin, Mr. Boyce also worked for both Conquest Exploration Inc. and Hunt Oil Company. In 1991, Mr. Boyce transferred to Dallas, Texas where he served as the Chief Geophysicist for Hunt Oil Company and in 1992 was appointed the Exploration Manager for the Yemen Hunt Oil Company and the Exploration Vice President of the Hunt Oil subsidiaries, Ethiopia Hunt Oil and Jannah Hunt Oil. In 1996, Dick left Hunt and started his independent consulting career. Mr. Boyce holds a Bachelor of Science degree as a Geophysical Engineer from the Colorado School of Mines.